Mustang Partnership and Final Pre-Sale Process

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. We had a successful community launch. The start of the NFT key sales and the opening of the whitelist. But more has happened than we expected. Even before we could start our pre-sale, we received many requests, which we should solve with our expertise. Mustang in particular caught our attention. A strong community that went down as a lost force due to the failure of the CEO. A project with no future.

It took us some time to look at a possible partnership. A collaboration in which we embrace the community that has worked very hard for success.

In the following, you will find all the details.

The pre-sale will take place as described. Nothing will be changed in the price and tokenomics. Also, the number of tokens will not increase.

Due to various difficulties, we needed to postpone the pre-sale to August.

There are several reasons for this. An audit that is taking more time than expected, because our contracts in the pre-sale have more complexity than usual and an external view is very important for us. The partnership with Mustang, which is also transparently incentivized via a smart contract, and above all the legal protection, so that the team does not have to take unnecessary risks.

Mustang currently has a liquidity of 286 BNB. This will be fully transferred to Polygods to provide the initial pool, which will also be locked in. To justify the transfer of the Mustang liquidity, we created a snapshot of Mustang token holders. This helps us to provide an airdrop for the pre-sale which the mustang community can receive. The price remains the same for them and is calculated from the mustang LP pool size.
But of course, these are just the financial aspects. What this partnership really means is that Polygods gets huge support from the whole core team of the Mustang project and their strong community. We will get another solid foundation and reach a new peak that has not been reached before. We are very proud and excited about that.

The airdrop will start simultaneously with the pre-sale.

Since we received from the Mustang team 286BNB we calculated at the time a value of $86.400.

At the valuation of our starting price (which is 0,096$), this means that the Mustang community will receive an airdrop of 900,000 $GODS token in total.

As described above these tokens will be distributed based on the holdings we stored in the snapshot.

We hope this explains all questions. If not, we plan to do a Q&A soon to answer all open questions. Of course, you can always write us on Telegram or Twitter.

We are very excited about this partnership and the upcoming pre-sale and also have more things planned for the future which we will announce soon.

We thank you very much for your patience. Please keep in mind that this project is very thoughtful and has a concrete goal. This takes a bit more time than most other polygon projects and we know that this is often not appreciated.

But we are 100% original and have neither code copy-pasted nor features that are completely nonsensical.

For your Salvation,

Polygods Team

The Immortals created the Polygods to give rewards to the Faithful! Watch the skies! For your salvation!