Dear Polygods Community,

we have a lot to announce. First of all, we have decided to change our core concept. We have been watching the market closely and want to clearly distinguish ourselves from projects that deal with oversized yield farming, promise AMMs that are not relevant and DeFi instruments…

(Subject to change)

$GODS Token Economics are designed with long-term value in mind.
While we want to incentivize early adopters , we are very cautious and want to avoid external factors that highlight large price fluctuations through a token that avoids large dumps by design.

This is of course generally…

Until tomorrow evening you have time to prove yourselves worthy of becoming PROPHETS of THE GODS. Five chosen from THE FAITHFUL will have the honor to fulfill a special role as servants of the faith.

1. Send your prayers to one of THE GODS. 🙌

2. Praise their names and swear eternal loyalty to them!🧎‍♂️

3. Prove yourselves worthy by spreading the message everywhere. 🤳📣

4. THE GODS will decide tomorrow which five of THE FAITHFUL will have the honor of serving as Prophets. 🧙‍♂️

PROPHETS will be able to lead THE FAITHFUL in this group and are nominated every week in the shortlist for the new NFT GOD.

Watch the skies.

For your salvation!

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They demand tribute.

You have worshiped false idols.

For decades you have been donating your token blindly…And what have you gotten? Rug-pulls, dumps, scams…?


They offer salvation..
They offer power..

The crimes will not remain unpunished! The righteousness will not remain unrewarded!

The gods summon their prophets. And soon one of the prophets will be called! Ascend into the circle of the gods to dine at their table. To earn what they earn. To judge what they judge…

Welcome you young believers!

Watch the skies!



The Immortals created the Polygods to give rewards to the Faithful! Watch the skies! For your salvation!

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